By chance
I knew you in this cold winter night
A special gift from Santa
Two strangers, not even acquaintances
living 777 miles away from each other
You slowly caught my heart
What was destiny trying to tell me?

By destiny
the spring flowers guided me toward you
Glanced at you from far
you were always the shining star in the universe
I found you
among the millions
without a compass

By fate
this summer was more than just the sun and clouds
accompanied by the little signs from the universe
The Angels whispered to me
“You are the one I’m looking for”
Fate behind everything
nothing happen by chance

By miracle
I fell in love with the lovely autumn orchestra
The wind blew cold
The autumn leaves sang for my soul
It was not love at first sight
but a fortunate discovery
a lucky one

Without any theory in love
without ending
Our stories continue—
As celebration for our reunion
I’m still writing for us
until today, this moment……


Falling in Love

Fall in Love

In January, I was on the journey to meet you for the first time

In February, I described our love stories with poems

In March, I looked at the night sky thinking about you

In April, I met you in my dream with a broad smile on my face

In May, I drew a picture and wrote my first love letter for you

In June, I wished you will know my true feeling for you

In July, I doubted myself whether I’m the right one for you

In August, I was struggling to miss you every single day

In September, I learnt to move on while missing you

In October, I knew my heart couldn’t let anyone in anymore

In November, I finally understood the meaning of love

In December, I’m preparing my heart for the journey again

Our story is just getting started
I’ll fall in love many times
while waiting for you……



I’m thinking about you
like the sun misses the moon
the vast sky searching for your presence all around

I’m thinking about you
like the spring rose misses the winter jasmine
the falling yellow maple leaves couldn’t drive you out from my heart

I’m thinking about you
like the rainbow misses the rain
the droplets in the heavy clouds is being pulled down by my passionate love

 I have a secret 
……to miss you in my heart everyday 

In retrospect for this one year——
Memories flow from the small stream to the wide ocean

Splashing, Splashing, Splashing……

I have a new secret
……to love you over and over again everyday

Do you know……
I’m talking about you?

Our Sky



When the sky turns red, my soul promises to love you for a lifetime
When the sky turns black,  I love you even to cross the thousand sea
When the sky turns blue, my heart dances peacefully thinking about you
When the sky turns yellow, I’m full of hope to cross every ocean with you
When the sky turns indigo, my heart beats unevenly seeing all the miracles
When the sky turns pink, I’m dwelling in our sweet and touching love story

The sky has no limit, our love has no boundary
Turn around, I will be waiting for you under the rainbow

Seeing you through the sky, getting lost in my own thought
Your name is not just a name, it has been my one year of memories
Always and forever……


When the sun rises, love is around the corner waiting for me
When the star shines, I know you will light up my life in the darkness
When the moon emerges, you are on my shoulder in this silent night
When the rain drops, I stay with you peacefully listening to the lullaby
When the wind blows, your hair dances freely spreading a sweet fresh scent
When the meteor shower is coming, I hear the kissing sound between our lips

The sky has no limit, our reunion is on the horizon
Turn around, I will be holding your hand under the rainbow

Our love is around the corner, under the same sky
Our story will continue, beyond the sky
Our sky is there, always and forever……

Those Days

Those Days

We feel love
Looking at the beautiful face that we miss everyday

We feel warm
Hugging the person who we think mostly

We feel safe
Holding the hand and walk side by side

We feel painful
For not being able to be the first one when we need each other

We feel touch
Remember those little things in our life

We feel silly
We believe we’ll be together forever

We feel sorry
The love once we had has lost contact in life

We feel sad
We still remember even after a long long time

We feel thankful
We had dropped by each other life once upon a time

We feel love again
The self love that makes us a better person before we meet the right one in the right time

I’m Possible

I am Possible

Dark room
“Tick Tock, Tick Tock……”
“Drip, drop, plop……”
Ticking clock in the walls
Water dripping
Break the silent

In one corner of the room
Hugging my knee
Cry solemnly
Tissues mess up the floor
Darkness covers me even in my hiding place
“Has the world come to an end?”

Teary-eyed, trembling body
Overwhelmed by all sorts of emotions
“I am losing hope, I’ AM HELPLESS……!!”
My quivering voice
With outburst of anger and disappointment

Judgmental, realistic world
Harsh and cruel reality of living
Break my pure and innocent heart
I was once a happy joyous soul
End up the broken one
“Can I give up?”

Hours by hours
Days and nights
Puffy eyes, pale face
Decreased appetite, losing weight
“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall……”
“I couldn’t even recognize this girl”
“Who am I?”

“Honey, are you okay?”
A familiar voice pulls my attention back
Your worried face comes into sight
“I’m alright.” I smile at you
In retrospect
Realizing myself had made it through the tough times

Let the past be the past
Every seasons has its own beauty
“Time to go, time to move on.”
Chasing my dreams, chasing the sun
Let the impossible be possible
Holding your hand in this new day
“I’m POSSIBLE to have a better life.”

I’m Home

I am Home

Heavy downpour
Thunder roars, lighting strikes
Darkness covered the sky
Strong wind blows
Loud cracking sound comes from somewhere
“Another fallen trees.” my heart whispers

Speed up my pace
Grabbing the back of my raincoat again
Walking along the wet walkway
Rainwater splashing on my shoes
Fresh, earthy smell
Hinting the powerful scent of fresh rain

Not far away
A little cottage stood in the middle of the field
The light in the house is on
The huge tree near the front yard moves in the wind
Pink roses lose its fragrance in this rainfalls
I give a quick glance at the garden

Ring the bell few times
“Mummy is back!”
The kids run to get me a towel
Take off the raincoat
Wiping my body and hair
The cozy rug warming my cold feet

 “Where’s daddy?”
The kids point to the sofa
Touching your face in this cold night
I wonder how can I make it through my life
Without having you by my side
I got no clue, no idea—

Fireplace heats up the cottage
Books and toys all over the floor
With the kids play and read on the floor
Family photos display on the wall
The vase with pink roses on the table
The décor warms my heart

“Grrrr, Grrrr, Grrrr……”
My stomach growling
For the home-cooked meals that I’m longing
“Welcome home honey, dinner is ready soon.”
A warm hug from mum
I miss this feeling

Cold rainy night
Soothing raindrops
The soul searching journey
Comes to an end
The laughter, the smiles
Those familiar faces is what I called “Home”

The shelter that I care the most
A special feeling in my heart right now
Everyone is here
Holding your hands with tears in my eyes
I’m glad you’re here
“I’m home, finally I’m home……”